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DATASETS of HONGKONG ( now has 9 sets datas,including the informations concerned the schools,the companies, the medicine, the publication, the following is a summary of the contents of each data sets:

  • Hong Kong school location geo-referenced data and other relevant information: this data provides 3,575 lists of kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools, including the code, the names, the district, the detailed address, the contact number, the fax, the website, the classification, and the funding.
  • List of companies newly formed/registered and changed names:this data provides the list of Newly Incorporated/Registered Companies and Companies which have changed Names, including register number, name, date of incorporation, date of changing name,etc.
  • List of Hong Kong Radio Dealer licensed (liberalized) :this data provides Hong Kong radio dealers licensed (liberalized) information, including the name, address, telephone, license number, etc..
  • Hong Kong Registered Electrical Contractor Data:this data provides Hong Kong registered electrical contractor information, including the date of recording (REC No), name, expiration date, telephone, address, and so on.
  • Hong Kong Chinese Medicine List:this  data provides the list of Chinese medicine practitioners in Hong Kong, including the Chinese name, English name, address, designated institution and period of validity.
  • List of licensed Chinese medicine dealers in Hong Kong:this data provides the list of licensed Chinese medicine dealers in Hong Kong, including the names of licensed Chinese herbal medicine retailers, Chinese herbal medicine wholesalers, Chinese medicine manufacturers and Chinese medicine wholesalers, license numbers and company addresses.
  • Hong Kong study room list:this  data provides the list of Hong Kong study rooms, including the name, the address, the telephone number, the fax number and so on.
  • HONGKONG English publication books:this data provides Hong Kong English publication books information, including the author, publisher, publication year, edition and so on.
  • HONG KONG Chinese publication books :this data provides Hong Kong chinese publication books information, including the author, publisher, publication year, edition and so on.                                                                                                                        


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